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Over 19,000 views! Emmy award winning camera man Kevin Carr shot and directed I"m too old for American Idol" video.

From the new c.d. "Circles and Darkness"

Check out the green screen glory on "Strange"

Our Black Sabbath cover of "War Pigs" with Sheri "killer" Kaplan on drums.

From Ex-Wives of Rock, Athena co-wrote "By my side" with Lisa from bellylove this theme song dedicated to pet adoptions around L.A.

Shot by Robert John (GnR) editied by the great Kevin Carr "Say"

Some live impromtu jamming: "Pressure"

More green screen greatness:"Smile"

Live at Dylanfest 2012 with Bruce Springteen's pedal steel guitarist Marty Rifkin, and Hard Rain:"Leopardskin Pillbox Hat"

Thanks 4 watching.


bellylove c.d.s

1st cdbellylove contains "Back to Freedom" 5 song c.d. (1998)
h on the w High on the Wagon 5 song c.d. (2005)
pluPeace, love and understanding 10 song c.d. (2007)
stumbleStumble 3 song c.d. (not available online)

Buffy the

buffy logoVampire Slayer

"Back to Freedom" was Joss Whedon's first song choice for the 3rd season premier "Anne" episode and not only did bellylove write it, but they got to perform it on the set! How cool is that.

buffy gang

New 14 song C.D.
"Circles and Darkness"


Download "Circles and Darkness" today on iTunes, CD Baby or Amazon.

bellylove's new c.d. Circles and Darkness features 5 original songs: Circles and Darkness, Stumble, Stride Song, Schmo Boy, (If you) Can't fix me.

And covers by Frank Zappa, Cheech and Chong, Taste of Honey, Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd.

Apostrophe-Earache My Eye (Medley), Pink Floyd's; Pigs-Time-Breathe (Medley), Boogie oogie oogie-War Pigs-Magic Fingers (Medley).

bellylove Bio

bellylove is Lisa Black (Guitars), Toni Valenta (Vocals and Bass), and Adam Steinberg (Drums). Former band mates include; Clint Davidson (Bass), Becky Wreck from the Luna Chick and Uncle Becky (Drums), Chris Russo (Drums), Dave Norwoods (Funk Savers), and Sheri Weinstein (Pandoras, Hardly Dangerous)

bellylove is an L.A. based rock band. We write songs as well as cover our some of favorite artists live like: Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, Cheech and Chong, Bonnie Raitt, Neil Young and much more. bellylove has opened for Ani DiFranco, Stephen Pearcy, C.C. DeVille, and played almost every rock club in L.A. and the Southbay area for over 10 years.

Lisa Black played with the Pandoras in 1984 after Paula Pierce spilt with Bambi Conway, Gwynne Kahn, and Casey Gomez (the orignial "it's about time" Pandoras) after a fight about the name. Gwynne (now Nipper Seaturtle) spearheaded the Pandoras but as with most bands, the singer, Paula Pierce, got the lion's share of recognition. The fight over the name was sad and ugly to say the least. Paula Pierce was a Rock Star whose time sadly never came. Gwynne, however was the creative driving force of the band, as far as genre and style were concerned. I (Lisa) joined the band and after one show at Fender's opeining for 45 Grave we were signed to Enigma Records, went into the studio with Chaz Ramirez (Eddie and the Subtitles) at Casbah in Fullerton (Mommy's Little Monster) cut 5 songs, mastered it and then got dropped. It's a really cool collection of songs from the Banana Splits to the Carry Nations (Beyond the Valley of the Dolls). Check out iTunes for those oldies but goodies. Lisa then went on to form "Feline" with Bambi and Casey from the Pandora's who opened several shows for Guns and Roses, Kix opened for Feline mind you! Lisa Black along with Tomi Rae Hynie started Hardly Dangerous in 1986. Hardly Dangerous wound down around 1991 after playing what seems like hundreds of shows on the Sunset Strip in the "hair metal" hey day. The band took over a decade long hiatus after being turned down by Madonna's Maverick record label in late 1991. Tomi Rae is keeping the HD torch alive though, she just played the SSMF 2012 in Hollywood. Go Tomi!

Toni Valenta is a multi-talented singer songwriter who plays guitar, bass, drums. She can nail Zeppilin to a tee and writes amazing, thoughtfull, heartfelt lyrics. bellylove is her baby, it's her name, which simply describes "the thing you do when you rub your doggies or kitties belly", that's bellylove!

Toni has written so many great lyrics they sometimes get lost in the mix, like "bulimia" that song is amazing, and 'It's not an Insult" another great song Toni wrote about her inner most feelings of what it's like to be human on this planet. Toni sang in "Partly Cloudy" an industrial project in the early-ninties.

Toni is relatively new to the bass, but you would never know, she dove in head first emulating her heros Jack Bruce and John Paul Jones. Toni's talents have no boundries, she sings Italian Opera too!

Adam Steinberg is a veteran of the Kibbitz Room at Canter's Deli on Fairfax. He recently wrapped his 10 year tenure there. He can be seen also performing with "The Swing Riots". Adam is an awesome addition to bellylove, we are so lucky and grateful to share this journey with Adam!